17 Signs You’re Obsessed with Old Orchard Beach

  1. First off, you come back year after year and never get tired of the view.

Photo: Sea View Inn

And you take endless photos of it.

  1. You will take a dip in the kinda-chilly-all-year northern Atlantic water because it’s a rite of passage when vacationing in Maine.

Photo: @sethkap5

You’re super tough anyway.

  1. You take the requisite beach selfies with your friends because if it’s not on Insta, did it even happen?

Photo: @jacquisumnerr

And Old Orchard Beach’s backgrounds are perfect for this.

  1. You know that any sane person doesn’t go without eating copious amounts of Pier Fries.

Photo: @allthingssmitty

They are arguably the single most iconic thing to eat in OOB.

  1. You know that you can’t leave Old Orchard Beach without taking photos under the Pier.

Photo: @valerielafond

It’s the coolest place to cool off your feet and take some memorable pics.

  1. You have your favorite hotel or house that you return to every year because it feels like your home away from home.

Photo: Sea View Inn

It’s all about the pool-to-ocean access.

  1. You take OOB newbies to Palace Playland at night because they HAVE to see the lights.

Photo: @ninadrmqs

The view from the top is breathtaking and not to be missed.

  1. Speaking of the Pier, it’s one the most classic destinations on the entire coast of Maine and you love it more than you love certain relatives.

Photo: @getoutdoors207

“I don’t think the Pier is that great.” – said no one, ever

  1. You set up early to get the perfect spot because you know how quickly the beach fills up.

Photo: @hidnpines

The early bird gets the worm.

  1. You can’t resist taking a walk on the beach even in the dead of winter.

Photo: @44kb44

It’s called dressing warm, people.

  1. You tell everyone to go to Big Daddy’s Bar & Grill because you would feel guilty if you didn’t.

Photo: Sean M. from Yelp

It’s sooooooooo good.

  1. You love summer in OOB, but you also really love the off season because it’s just as beautiful and much less crowded.

Photo: @merrymanorinn

Sometimes you just want OOB to yourself.

  1. You look forward to the fireworks on the beach every Thursday night.

Photo: @stewartsmithphotography

Every Thursday is the Fourth of July in Old Orchard Beach!

  1. Your favorite hole at Pirate’s Cove is the one under the waterfall.

Photo: @dr_e_payne

You’re pretty much a mini golf pro by now.

  1. You will fight anyone who downgrades The Brunswick to just a “tourist trap” (not really, but you know what we mean).

Photo: Amanda G. from Yelp

You’re all about the ‘Swick.

  1. You do a bit of early Christmas shopping at Beachology every year.

Photo: Beachology

Zero re-gifting risk here.

  1. Old Orchard Beach is magical and full of hidden gems and you’re obsessed. End of story.

Photo: Sea View Inn

Catch you on the beach!